International Business Minor

The International Business minor prepares students to engage with a globally connected marketplace by developing their awareness, understanding, and ability to critically analyze the globally connected world.

Students minoring in international business acquire skills to trade with foreign suppliers and distributors and work effectively in multicultural work environments.

There is a focus on experiential learning, including projects that sometimes involve global teams comprised of students from around the world and ample opportunities to gain international experience through study abroad and internship programs that better prepare students for competition in the global economy. Culverhouse may be local, but our knowledge is global.

Sales Minor

The Sales curriculum provides students with sales theory, up-to-date sales technologies, practical process applications, and engagement with live business-to-business selling environments. Students who have earned the minor can contribute revenue to a hiring organization while also being more prepared to accept continued sales and management training. In an environment where making the sale is everything, a minor in Sales takes our students anywhere.

Services Marketing Minor

Services are now a major driver of the U.S. and world economy. Therefore, service marketing and management of people, business process, and the design of physical space are of great importance. Understanding, mapping, designing, and re-designing business service processes, flow, and physical space across the value chain is critical, as is the ability to manage service employees and teams.

Services Marketing is a minor designed for students interested in working in and managing teams of people to analyze, develop, and deliver world-class service, manage customer relationships, and work cross-functionally with other aspects of the organization such as sales, logistics, and operations.